Reliance Rx is your strategic partner in delivering quality, efficient specialty pharmacy services to members with high-touch specialty conditions. We enhance the specialty pharmacy experience for your members and currently maintain an overall patient satisfaction score greater than 99%. Reliance Rx directly manages national distribution and coordination of care, resulting in greater efficiency, lower costs, and improved service for complex products and lifelong health conditions. Our dedicated team of certified specialty pharmacists, nursing and patient advocacy staff, and patient care specialists are focused on the appropriate use of specialty pharmaceuticals.

Reliance Rx’s cost savings program allows for the measurement of inappropriate drug use and is quantified quarterly. The RELI-Adhere program helps to track patients to improve compliance to therapy. Non-adherence is identified, researched, and a plan is created to recapture the patient back onto therapy where possible. The provider is engaged when needed to create a new care plan to proceed in the most effective way possible for the patient. In addition, Reliance Rx uses first fill waste prevention strategies, split-fill program, refill management, length of therapy assessments, generic substitution/bio-similar usage when possible, and specialty pharmacy spend analysis to help control costs and maximize value for our partners. Reliance Rx takes an active approach to helping ensure a plan sponsors specialty spend is based on appropriate utilization.

Reliance Rx employs highly skilled data and analytics professionals. By integrating with health plans, TPAs, PBMs, employer groups, and plan sponsor designees, Reliance Rx is able to provide full clarity of your specialty pharmacy spend, clinical interventions, and efficient turnaround time of custom reporting and analytics needs.

Through the use of our custom RELI-Rx patient management program, Reliance Rx has currently saved plan sponsors more than $25M in otherwise inappropriate specialty drug utilization.

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